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0330 124 4675
Office Hours: 9am to 5.30pm


Are you looking for high-quality accountancy services for freelancers? We work with freelancers from all kinds of industries, enabling them to keep on top of their tax and accountancy obligations whilst helping them avoid tough HMRC fines and penalties.

The benefits of freelance life

The freelance life can be very rewarding. When you work as a freelancer, you get the chance to do something that you love. You may be able to work in any environment you like and may also have the opportunity to choose your own hours. One of the downsides of being a freelancer is that your accountancy obligations can seem daunting. They can also be very time-consuming. This is why it’s best to let a highly experienced firm deal with your accountancy duties. At One Click Accountant we provide a wide variety of services in the background so you can focus on what you do best knowing that tax-related matters are being handled by highly competent professionals.

Helping you with tax returns

People that work for employers directly don’t have to worry about accounting. This is because tax and National Insurance are taken from their pay before it reaches their bank accounts. However, this is not the case when you work as a freelancer. You are responsible for ensuring that tax and NI are paid to HMRC. You can do this by completing a self-assessment tax return. Tax returns can be very complex, and errors can lead to penalties including fines. We can look after your self-assessment obligations to help you avoid breaking HMRC rules whilst ensuring you are paying the correct amount of tax and NI.

Meeting your needs

Our service for freelancers has been fine-tuned to meet the specific requirements of today’s self-employed individuals. We can help you claim legitimate expenses and provide you with quality advice and support whenever you need it. Unlike some firms, we will be in touch with you throughout the year rather than simply contacting you when the tax return deadline approaches. We can provide you with advice on a whole host of topics, and these include your tax allowances, VAT schemes, whether to operate as a sole trader or limited company, making your business tax efficient without breaking the law and much more.

Contact us today

We are also able to offer fixed-fee accountancy services, so you always know how much you need to pay each month. Our clients love the clarity this brings to them and the way it helps them avoid any nasty financial surprises.

Talk to us today to find out more about our freelancer accounting services. Whether you work in business and marketing, IT and multimedia, the creative sector, construction, healthcare, education or any other industry, we can help simplify your finances.