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0330 124 4675
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What Do SME’s Use Accounting Software For?

Online accounting software makes it easy to record and organise your business’ finances quickly and efficiently, freeing up more of your time for growing your business.

At One Click Accountant, our small business accounting service includes free access to one of two popular accounting software packages; Xero or FreeAgent.

Combining user-friendly software with the services of a specialist SME accountant ensures that your business accounts and tax returns are free of errors and submitted on time. It also provides you with the advice and support you require to navigate your accounts with ease.

Here are five key ways that SME’s can benefit from using accounting software.

Organisation and consistency

Accounting software equips you with the tools you need to collate, organise, categorise and review your business’ finances efficiently.  Keeping all your business’ financial data and records in one digital place also makes it quick and easy to search large quantities of data for the information you need.


Modern accounting software allows data to be saved securely online in the Cloud. This offers peace of mind that if your computer ever gets lost or damaged your business data will still be safe. Having all your data backed up online is also very convenient as it means you can access it from anywhere with a secure internet connection.


SME’s can use accounting software to produce professional invoices and synchronise invoice information with their accounts. Software can also be used to efficiently manage and review invoices and keep track of late payments.

Connect to your bank

Connect your accounting software to your bank account to quickly and efficiently pull data across and reconcile your accounts.


Accounting software can eliminate a lot of manual work by automating tasks, saving you time and minimising the risk of error. From importing data, to making calculations, you can rely on your software to improve the accuracy of your accounts and minimise error.

To find out more about the accounting software that is included with our fixed-fee small business accounting service, or for more details about our all-inclusive, fixed-fee accountancy service, give our team a call today on 0345 557 1287.