I have been with One Click Accountant for just over 6 years now with Emma Roberts as my personal accountant and main point of contact.

I can only sing her praises as she has been at hand to answer any of my questions and queries quickly and timely whether it be a question I have asked via email or by phone.

She has definitely kept me on the straight and narrow ensuring I am kept up to date with payments needing to be sent to HMRC and when I need to make the payments with plenty of notice.

I cannot recommend One Click and Emma highly enough!

Kevin M., Owner, Uberlegen Software Development Ltd

Emma is knowledgeable, reliable and responsive, it’s great to have an expert to entrust delivery of the finance and reporting to, allowing me to focus on my core business, it’s a lot less to worry about every month.

Dave D, Owner, The Belfast Code Foundry Ltd

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How to choose the right accountant for your business

Free PDF Guide

How to choose the right accountant for your business

I’m a confident software engineer but I’m a complete numpty when it comes to accountancy and all the legal stuff. I’m just not interested. That’s why One Click is so important to me.

They helped me set everything up to work as a contractor and gave me advice on anything related to taxes and regulations. Thanks to One Click, I can concentrate on what I enjoy doing and leave all the boring stuff to someone else.

Stephen A, Owner, Clean Wave Software Ltd

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In December 2018 after much deliberation, I decided to strike out on my own with the promise of one long term sustainable contract as the impetus One Click Accountant was recommended to me by a former colleague who had stuck out on his own a year or so prior to that.

The main problem I had with startups was that whilst I’d suggest I’m very good at what I do, I don’t do accounts, VAT, corporation tax, dividends, expenses, registering and filing with companies house, etc, etc.

Long story short, Emma became my advisor, and I have to say I genuinely pitied the woman in the early days with my silly questions, phone calls and emails. (Hopefully, these have dropped exponentially as time has gone on) Emma has a warm and charming demeanour, is extremely knowledgeable in all things accounting, and is at the end of a phone or email if I have any queries whatsoever.

In short a consummate professional who I’m happy to entrust my business accounts and affairs to and who I’d happily recommend.

This is the bottom line, I do what I do, I don’t have the time or interest to do business accounts but I need someone I can trust to do that and Emma definitely fits that bill.

Gerry H., Owner, GC Business Improvement Services Ltd