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0330 124 4675
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Accountants for Limited Company

Limited company accountants

Whatever the size of your limited company or the services you provide, it makes sense to employ an accountant. Limited companies have a tax-efficient business structure that can help maximise your profit and grow your business. Without the right advice and support, however, you could be missing out. Taking care of your own accounts not only takes you away from your core business, but there’s also the risk you might make a costly mistake.  As a limited company director, you’re personally responsible for getting them right, with fines being applied if you don’t.

A limited company accountant can ensure you’re meeting all your tax responsibilities and are not putting yourself at risk of a fine. The legislation around limited companies is continually evolving and an accountant will ensure you’re always fully compliant. The tax savings an accountant can secure for you is often more than the amount you pay for their services. If the HMRC has any queries about your company tax affairs, your accountant will take care of them.

Whether you’re a one-person band or a growing company, a limited company accountant shouldn’t be regarded as an optional extra. An accountant can be more affordable than you might think.

Why use One Click Accountant for your Limited Company

One Click Accountant are specialists when it comes to limited company accounts. We provide a range of services to help keep you on top of your tax and accountancy obligations. We work with limited companies of all sizes, drawing on our extensive experience to help them maximise their profits. Using powerful, pioneering software we can help keep you fully informed about your company’s financial situation and keep you compliant.

We provide a service for those limited companies who feel they lack the necessary cash flow to afford a full-time or retainer accountant. Our fees are fixed, competitive and are guaranteed not to increase over the course of a year. You get a tailored, market-leading accountancy service with no hidden extras.

At One Click Accountant, we make nimble, effective accountancy services for all sizes of limited companies.

Why not call us on 0330 124 4675 or use our online contact form to find out how our tailored support can help your limited company.

What’s included in a limited company accounting service?

Our limited company fixed-fee accounting service offers a comprehensive, affordable package for your business.  It allows you to concentrate on your core business, ensures you’re taking advantage of all the benefits limited company status brings while helping you to maximise your profits and grow your business.

The accountancy service includes:

  • Month-end books
  • Payroll
  • End of year accounts
  • Corporation tax
  • Accurate account preparation
  • The latest market-leading software
  • Tailored business support
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Out-of-hours support

Our comprehensive package takes the stress out of limited company accounting. Call us on 0330 124 4675 or use our online contact form, to learn more about how it can help your business.

Benefits of setting up a limited company

Setting up a limited company brings with it a range of benefits for the business owner:

  • Tax – it legitimately allows you to pay less personal tax than if you were a sole trader. Limited company profits are taxed as Corporation Tax, which is currently set at 19%.
  • Distinct entity – everything from the ownership of assets, the company bank account and contracts is purely company business, separate from the personal affairs of the owners.
  • Limited liability – as long as no fraud has taken place you will not be liable for any losses made by your company.
  • Professional – it provides a more professional image and can be reassuring for potential clients.
  • Unique name – once you’ve registered your company name with Companies House it cannot be used by another limited company.
  • Funding – as a limited company you expand the range of funding sources available to you. This can include selling extra shares or securing business finance.

To learn more about these benefits of setting up limited company, and how One Click Accountant can help you achieve your business goals, get in touch today!