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0330 124 4675
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How much does an accountant cost a small limited company

An accountant doesn’t have to cost as much as you think if you are a small limited company. At One Click Accountant, we are able to offer fixed-fee accounting services that deliver all the transparency that you require and stop you spending more than you need to or can afford. We have vast experience in providing affordable accountancy services for small-to-medium businesses from a wide range of sectors, and we are confident we can provide all the expertise that you require, at a price that doesn’t make you wince.

The benefits of fixed-fee accountancy services

Paying by the hour for accountancy services can be very costly, and can make a bigger dent into your budget than is necessary. The fixed-fee accounting services that we provide enable you to spread the cost of accounting evenly and avoid losing control of your cash flow. The amount that you pay for our fixed-fee accountancy service each month will depend on what your specific needs are. Some of our clients have greater needs than others, which is why our services are priced in bands.

The risks of going it alone

You may have found yourself wondering whether you even need an accountant at all. Though you might be tempted to look after your accounts yourself, this is rarely advisable. One reason for this is that accounting tasks can be incredibly time-consuming, and whilst you are organising and preparing your accounts you could be focusing on lucrative business tasks or simply relaxing. We have the expertise and experience needed to carry out all relevant accounting duties in the background whilst you do what you do best.

Another reason for outsourcing your accounts to us is that it is far too easy to make costly mistakes when you don’t have the experience and accounting skills of our seasoned professionals. There’s also a chance you will miss deadlines and be met with big financial penalties if you spread yourself too thinly by juggling your core business duties with accounting duties.

Bespoke, up-to-date advice

One of the key benefits of our fixed-fee accountancy service is that we are able to provide bespoke help and advice tailored directly towards your business needs. Our accountancy experts have vast experience in supporting businesses like yours. The peace of mind that we bring to our clients is invaluable, and once you have our support behind you, you can rest assured that your accounts will be dealt with accurately. What’s more, is that all your submissions will be presented on time.

Greater control and transparency

Our clients love the way that our fixed-fee accountancy services give them more control and transparency on their finances. You don’t have to worry about the large unforeseen bills you might be met with when you pay by the hour and can receive unlimited help and advice. We are always at the other end of the phone when you do have a query, without you ever needing to fret about the expense. You’ll also receive access to your very own dedicated account manager who will act as your primary point of contact and address any accounts, queries and concerns that you might have. They will take the time to get to know you and your business so they can deliver the most suitable type of support possible.

A host of services

When you use our fixed-fee accountancy services, we will handle your monthly and quarterly returns as well as your year-end accounts, give you access to leading accounting software and even offer payroll services for the company director and up to three employees. We can also complete a self-assessment return for the director and provide accurate advice on IR35 legislation to help you avoid facing penalties from HMRC.

Market-leading software

Although we can carry out a range of accountancy duties on your behalf, there are still some tasks that you will need to complete yourself. This is why we provide you with the use of intuitive accountancy software that makes duties like creating invoices, recording payments and keeping track of your expenses and receipts a breeze. You don’t need any specialist technical knowledge to make use of this software, but it can deliver a considerable amount of transparency whilst providing the peace of mind you need. This software will help your budget and forecast more effectively, help you reduce error, keep you organised and help you save time. It also stores your important information in the cloud, ensuring your key confidential details are protected should you lose access to your computer for any reason. Making your personal data more secure will also ensure you are complying with GDPR regulations.

On time, every time

As a small limited company, you will need to pay Corporation Tax of 19% on any profits that you make. We can prepare your tax returns for HMRC and issue reminders about upcoming deadlines to ensure your submissions are made on time. We can also provide you with valuable and accurate information on processes such as opening a suitable business bank account, staying on top of your accounting obligations, making the most of the software that we provide to you, organising your important financial documents including your receipts, claiming your expenses and any other relevant topics that your account is fully trained and qualified to advise you on.

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