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0330 124 4675
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FreeAgent is a first-class tax and accountancy software solution that we can give you access to when you opt for our accountant services. This product is one of the numerous cloud-based software innovations that have made what were once arduous and time-consuming tasks so much easier. FreeAgent makes managing tasks related to tax and accountancy so much quicker to complete and is designed to suit small-to-medium businesses, sole traders and freelancers.

We are Accredited FreeAgent Accountants and dedicate a qualified accountant to all our clients as a key point of contact providing fully comprehensive account support to Small Business, Contractors, Freelancers, Consultants and Sole Traders.

A host of tools

FreeAgent comes with a range of features designed to give businesses clarity on their finances. It offers a range of robust tools to help them manage their finances more effectively and can generate invoices, send them out and track their progress. You can also use it to track your expenses, with users simply uploading photos of their receipts.

A clear overview

You can also bill for time spent on tasks by using the stopwatch and timesheets that are built into the software. You can gain a simple overview of your cashflow by taking a glance at your dashboard. The software can be linked to your bank account, so transactions can easily be pulled in. You can also file your self-assessment, VAT and RTI returns via the system, and integration with platforms like PayPal is available.

Know where you stand

With FreeAgent, you can send estimates and proposals to your clients, choose from a range of aesthetically-pleasing invoice templates, send out recurring invoices, customise invoices towards your specific needs and preferences, generate profit and loss statements and invoice in various currencies. The software can also be used to create balance sheets, view sales tax reports and assess your tax timeline. It’s easy to provide your accountant with access to your FreeAgent account, and mobile apps are also available, allowing to view your key financial information from wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet.

An intuitive interface

You do not require any specialist technical know-how to derive value from FreeAgent. The dashboard provides you with a plethora of fascinating charts and graphs, and you can view invoices and expenses, profit and loss, and cash flow figures within just a click or two. More and more sole traders, freelancers and small-to-medium businesses are experiencing the benefits of FreeAgent. Our accountants know the software inside-out and have the expertise needed to help you use it to your advantage. Our accountants are fully qualified accountants that implement the FreeAgent software to assist businesses with their finances.

Find out more today

At One Click Accountant, we enable our clients to benefit from the very best, most powerful state-of-the-art accountancy software. Our accountants are fully qualified accountants that implement the FreeAgent software to assist businesses with their finances. We provide online Accountancy Service to businesses throughout the UK using the latest FreeAgent software.

The beauty of FreeAgent is that your accountant can view the information presented on your screen at the same time as you, even if you are located several miles away. We can help you make complete sense of the data and reports generated by FreeAgent, helping you gain the essential clarity and transparency that you require. To find out more about what makes FreeAgent the ideal solution for so many of our clients, contact us today.