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0330 124 4675
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Fixed Fee Accountancy For Sole Traders & New Businesses

How can fixed-fee accountancy save money for your new business?

If you have just launched, or are in the process of launching, a new business then it’s important to think carefully about which tax and accountancy services are right for you. The company you choose should have the experience and expertise needed to provide a first-class service, have a great reputation and be fully compliant with HMRC. You also need to think about whether you want to opt for fixed-fee or traditional accountancy services.

Gain greater clarity

More and more new businesses are going down the fixed-fee route when they require accountancy services of the highest calibre. There are many good reasons for this. If you decide not to opt for a fixed-fee service, you may end up paying more than you expect. There’s a big chance that will be the case if you end up needing more support than predicted. When you are starting a new business, it can be hard to predict how much help you will need. However, when you use a fixed-fee service, you know exactly how much you will be paying each month. That means you can avoid nasty financial surprises and gain the clarity you’re seeking. Budgets tend to be tight when new businesses are launched, so it’s important to avoid paying more than you need to for tax and accountancy support.

Packages to meet all needs

At One Click Accountant, we offer several different accountancy packages to suit a wide range of needs. That means you can always scale up, or down, if you decide you need more or less support than you have been receiving. Once you become a client, you will always have access to the guidance you need. You will be given access to an experienced, dedicated account manager who will answer any questions you might have and provide you with ongoing help and advice. Many people find that more useful than simply talking to their accountant a few times a year.

No need for internal accountants

Our services mean you don’t have to run your own in-house accountancy department, which can be expensive and doesn’t always deliver the value for money that you seek. With our backing, you can focus on what you do best safe in the knowledge that everything is being handled by competent professionals who know tax and accountancy legislation inside out. Rather than being sent around several accountants, you will be able to source help and advice from the same person each time.

Avoid excessive tax

We aim to ensure you never need to pay more tax than you are obliged to by law, although we will never encourage you to get involved in any schemes that will cause problems further down the line. As no two businesses are the same, we treat each client individually and only make suggestions and recommendations that are suitable for your specific enterprise. Choose our first-class fixed-fee accountancy services so you can budget confidently and keep risk to a minimum.

Choose the right structure

We can also help if you need advice on the best way to structure your business. It may be best for you to operate as a sole trader, limited company or partnership. Before we make any suggestions, we will take the time to gain a rich understanding of your business in the context of its industry to ensure the advice we’re giving is suitable and appropriate. Another great reason for choosing One Click Accountant is that we give you access to market-leading tax and accountancy software. Not only does this software deliver real-time reports to give you greater clarity on your current financial position, you can log in at any time no matter where you are. If you need any advice on what any of the figures and charts on your screen mean, we are only a phone call away. The reports allow you to make informed, sensible decisions on spending and investment to drive your business forward.

Prevent a range of problems

The fixed-fee accountancy services that we offer ensure deadlines are always met, payments are made on time, cashflow problems can be prevented and fines or penalties can be avoided. Our company is big enough to ensure your requirements can be met yet small enough to ensure you don’t need to miss out on the valuable personal touch. We know that many of our clients are busy during normal working hours, which is why we do our best to accommodate you if you need after-hours help and guidance.

Support of the highest calibre

Although launching a new business can be exciting, it’s vital that you seek quality advice and support from a team you can trust. Without it, the long-term future of your business may be cast into doubt. Our services will make your business viable, sustainable and profitable. We can also provide you with advice on topics like VAT registration and whether it’s right for you, business plans, tax relief, payroll preparation and many more. We can also deal with HMRC on your behalf, freeing up more time so you can concentrate on your primary business duties and gain the peace of mind you require.

Take action quickly

By acting now, you can access the support you need before your records become confusing and transactions start to amass. We can also help you get a business account up and running to separate your personal and business finances while ensuring you have the funds to submit tax when it is due. We are confident we can provide the flawless tax and accountancy service you require to help you hit the ground running.

Contact us

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